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The #1 reason advisors don't acquire more Ideal Clients is lack of Accountability.

The AdvisorRoadmap Accountability Group fixes that.

Investment: $3,000 / year

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More Ideal Clients = More $$$

The primary purpose of the AdvisorRoadmap Accountability Group is simple.. help you acquire more Ideal Clients and generate more money.

High-Payoff Activities

Designed to help you increase the specific high pay-off activities that have the most direct impact on you acquiring Ideal Clients.

Avoid Distractions

This industry is a distraction producing machine. Learn how to avoid all those distractions and how to consistently say 'No' to low-payoff activities.

The Key

Being held accountable will teach you how to be more effective at holding others accountable (Your team, your clients, etc).

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Acquire More Ideal Clients

Generate More Revenue

Be More Productive

Achieve Goals Quicker

Focus On


Build Your Ideal Business

Let's be honest, you know which activities are high-payoff and which are low payoff, but you still find yourself doing too many of the wrong things, and not enough of the right things.

You’re not alone.

Unlock your full potential by answering these 3 critical questions to determine if joining an Accountability Group is the key to you achieving your desired results and accelerating the speed at which you build Your Ideal Business.



Is your calendar currently filled with high-payoff activities to acquire Ideal Clients and profitable non-Ideal Clients for the next 90 days, AND will you honor your calendar to complete those high pay-off activities?


Tracking & Reporting

What gets measured gets done. Do you currently use a tracking system to track all of your activity and results, AND do you consistently review your activity and results with someone for improvement?


Team & Coach

Do you currently have a team and an Accountability Coach that's dedicated to helping you acquire more Ideal Clients and build your Ideal Business?

Every Accountability Group is supported by the world’s leading authority on accountability, Anne Bachrach. Her nickname is The Accountability Pitbull and she wrote the book, Excuses Don't Count, Results Rule .

For 25+ years she has helped top Financial Advisors, business owners, tech entrepreneurs, and other high achievers set big goals and achieve them. She has been the personal Accountability Coach to many advisors who have built their Ideal Businesses.

See what AdvisorRoadmap members say.

"I’ve experienced over 50% growth being part of the Accountability Group – and with that growth came the confidence to finally go after what I know I should have done.

We’ve added a flat-fee-only option to our offerings, and that’s ALL I’ll be targeting next year and beyond. With that under our belts, I can foresee another 50% growth year for each of the next two years!

- Lou L.

“I’ve done a lot of programs over the years, and I have accomplished more in the past three months than I have in the last three years by being part of the Accountability Group.

I haven’t had 3 good prospects all year and this week I had 3 all because of my increased focus and accountability.”

- Maureen R.

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Achieve Your Biggest Goals with Accountability!

Here's exactly what you'll receive:

  • Weekly Accountability Meetings to Measure Progress Against Your Goals
  • Peer Support (With advisors who are implementing the same process)
  • Monthly Professional Development Masterclasses (Which can also be used for staff professional development)
  • Exclusive Tracking System
  • Access to The Accountability Coach™, Anne Bachrach
  • Access to Many high-Value Resources and Tools to Help You Build Your Ideal Business

Only $3,000 for the entire year

(This breaks down to only $250 / month)

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